Micropower`s Tele-intercom


Micropower`s Tele-intercom provides handsfree communication at the entrances of gated housing complexes and apartment blocks. The unit has a microphone, speaker, 4x4 alpha numeric keypad and a 2x24 back-lit LCD display as a user interface.

The keypad interface is based on the multi-tap entry system that most portable devices use. The unit can be connected to a PSTN infrastructure or a GSM network and this allows a visitor to dial a resident and enter a
dialogue with him/her. The resident enters the door open code on his/her telephone keypad to open the door/gate for the visitor.

The Tele-intercom is housed in an attractive resin and Stainless Steel housing and is vandal resistant. The unit is also fitted with lightning
protection circuitry.

Download Brochure (PDF)

- Metal Keypad
- 2x24 Character back-lit display
- 800 user Database
- Stainless steel front plate
- Lightning protection
- 2 Programmable Relay outputs
- Keypad Programmable
- High Quality Audio
- One to four digit resident codes
- Programmable keyless entry codes
- Programmable call duration
- Weatherproof enclosure
- Programmable door activation number
- Back-lit Keypad ( Optional )
- Operates on GSM network ( optional )
The user database can be entered or edited via
the keypad or by creating the user database in
Microsoft Excel and then download it to the
unit by using downloading software and a
standard USB cable. The User database can
store 800 residents names and telephone

Technical Specifications
- Supply voltage : 12VAC or 13.8VDC
- Operating temp : -10°C to 50°C
- Memory : 32 kBytes Flash memory
- Telephone Line : Touch-tone (DTMF)
- Watchdog timer eliminates system latch-up
- Echo-cancellation technology