Transducer applications are wide ranging.

LVDTs are used in a wide variety of applications. Several of the more common methods of use have been documented in detailed articles.

These articles have been converted to PDF format and are listed below for your review.

Crankshaft Balance
Low-cost LVDT, with refined signal conditioning, resolves to a millionth
of an inch for this automotive crankshaft balancer.
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Testing Soil Strength  
DCDT measures soil sample deformation under load to determine
soil strength.
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Pill Making Machine  
In making tablets from medicinal powder, dual LVDTs control pill
weight & thickness.
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Product Inspection Machine  
Using our small-package LVDTs, these machines check the final
dimensions on flat-panel displays.
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Automation Assembly Equipment
These assembly systems increase production efficiencies and use
our LVDTs for automated part inspection.
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Force Generation System
Providing direct feedback of a piston, our DCDT helps to control static
position and dynamic excitation in a system that tests automotive
suspension structures.
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Portable Friction Welder
Friction welds are produced by spinning one metal object at very high
RPM against another while simultaneously moving the two pieces closer
together; an LVDT measures the distance between the approaching
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