Load Cells and Sensors

A load cell is typically an electronic device (transducer) that is used to convert a force into an electrical signal. This conversion is indirect and happens in two stages. Through a mechanical arrangement, the force being sensed deforms a strain gauge. The strain gauge converts the deformation (strain) to electrical signals. Normally, a load cell consists of four strain gauges in a Wheatstone bridge configuration, but is also available with one or two strain gauges. The electrical signal output is normally in the order of a few millivolts and requires amplification by an instrumentation amplifier before it can be used. The output of the transducer is plugged into an algorithm to calculate the force applied to the transducer.

Micropower Modulek offers a complete array of force and load measurement solutions including load cells, Shear beam load cells, force sensors, torque sensors.

Load Cell Low Profile Type (LFR) (below) Click here to download spec sheet (PDF)
loadcell Rated load: 0. 5-20t
Material: Alloy Steel
silicone sealed, IP67
Widely used for truck scale, railway scale and hopper scale
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