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Graphite and G3 Series of Advanced Operator Panels

The G3 operator interface panels give you complete Human Machine Interface (HMI) functionality for PLCs, motor drives and other communications-capable devices. With Ethernet as standard on all HMI models, you can network-enable any serial devices connected to the panel. In addition to the G3

  • Converts over 250 protocols
  • Built-in web server
  • On-board data logging
  • Easy-to-install plug-in modules
  • Email and SMS text messaging
  • Indoor and outdoor models
  • Remote monitoring and control

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ProducTVity Station™

 Transforms a standard consumer TV into a versatile, real-time KPI production scoreboard and Andon system, in minutes.

“Red Lion’s ProducTVity Station, in contrast, was born of the factory floor, and makes simple the tasks of connecting, collecting and analyzing machine data. The ProducTVity  Station  represents the only ready-to-deploy productivity display solution that leverages the low cost of today’s TVs. Simply put, the ProducTVity Station will be a game-changer in the productivity display market.”

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hmi1 Data Station Plus

The Data Station Plus was designed to act as a nexus for industrial data
collection and management. The unit offers multiple protocol conversion, data logging and remote machine access. With three built in serial ports and a 10 Base-T/100 Base-TX Ethernet port, the unit performs protocol conversion, allowing disparate devices to communicate seamlessly with one another. The Ethernet port supports up to four protocols simultaneously so even Ethernet to Ethernet protocols can be converted. The Compact Flash card allows data to be collected and stored for later review. The files are stored in simple CSV file format allowing common applications, such as Microsoft Excel and Access, to view and manage the data.
The free Websync utility provides a means to synchronize the files with a PC`s hard drive for permanent storage. The CompactFlash card may also be used to load new configuration files into the Data Station.
The built-in web server allows log files to be retrieved manually, and also
provides access to the unique virtual HMI. Popular prorocols supported are CanOpen, Profibus and Modbus. Communications with Siemens and Allen Bradley PLCs is a standard feature.
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