Vibratory Feeder Controllers

Vibratory feeders are normally used for controlling the flow of bulk solids in a variety of manufacturing processes. Feeders may be used for applications as diverse as the feed of corn flakes into packets and Iron ore into crushers. The feed rate must be easily varied over the range required. This is generally achieved with the use of an electronic controller that controls the power to the feeder.



There are three types of Vibratory Feeders commercially available:

    • Electro-magnetic (2 mass tuned)
    • Brute Force ( Mechanical Single Mass)
    • Electro-mechanical (2 mass tuned)

Micropower offers half-wave and mixed-current electro-magnetic controllers and electro-mechanical controllers.

Micropower designs and manufactures a range of Electronic Feeder Controllers that have over the years become the industry standard.